I’m Here!

All right, I have finally entered the realm of blogging. I don’t want to be left out! I have begun my journey into freelanceville and figured—why not stop off in blogville too. It felt right.

So, here I am in all my nakedness. (Not really—ewwww.) I am braving the world of the freelancing wonders out there, and I am super excited about it. I have skills I think a few folks can benefit from. I know I can make a difference in the lives of those folks. (Ugh—how corny.)

Seriously, though—I got skills.

I am a professional proofreader, focusing primarily on proofing court transcripts for court reporters. I also do general proofing and light editing. If you’re looking for someone to rewrite your piece, though, I am probably not your girl. And PLEASE—if you see a grammar or punctuation error in ANYTHING I write, for craps sake, let me know! (Is anyone else looking at that last sentence thinking, “Should crap be plural? Does it need an apostrophe?”) How embarrassing!

Moving on.

I’m also an administrative consultant.

“What the heck is an administrative consultant,” you ask?

Well, you know all that administrative stuff you have to do as an entrepreneur, but you really don’t want to waste your time on? That’s where I step in. I take care of email management, social media management, content management, and a whole host of other tasks. That means you have more time to focus on what you want to focus on—being successful!

So, that’s what I do, but I also have a personal life, I am a mom of two stinky teen boys, the military spouse of Superman (yep, he’s mine), an inquisitive onlime troller, a swimmer (when I’m not feeling lazy), a reader, a book reviewer, and a bunch of other things I won’t bore you with right now.

NOW—tell me about YOU!


2 thoughts on “I’m Here!

  1. Wonderful to hear from you! I see you have already developed quite a voice in your writing, which is nice and refreshing to read.

    I don’t usually talk about myself on other people’s walls (honest!) but since you asked…

    Hi, I’m Jordan. A creative writing grad, on-and-off freelance copy-editor, and master’s student in the field of publishing. My blog is dedicated to anything English Language based, and that’s only because I lack the capacity to become fluent in foreign tongues. I’ve recently got back into blogging after a bit of a hiatus, but I’m mainly here to talk to people such as yourself.

    So, here’s a big warm welcome to WordPress from me! I hope you have a grand ole time.


    1. Hi there! I’m so happy you stopped by. You and I have a bit in common. It sounds like we’re both grammar nerds. I look forward to reading through some of your posts as soon as I’m done here.
      Thank you, Jordan. I look forward to getting to know you!

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