Book Review of I’m a Lot of Sometimes

I’m a Lot of Sometimes is a charming children’s book written by Jack Guinan and illustrated by Lars Rudebjer. Its full of beautiful illustrations and one-line commentary about the feelings our little one’s experience and the confusion these feelings sometimes cause.

I’m a Lot of Sometimes

The book delivers a character most kids will enjoy getting to know. The endearing unnamed bunny helps young readers understand it’s okay to feel little and short sometimes, and tall and powerful at other times; it’s okay just to be you.

“Sometimes. . . I’m playful. Sometimes. . . I’m mad.”

I’m not sure the book appeals to the full range of 3- to 8-year-olds it aims to reach. It certainly feels appropriate for those up to the age of 4 or so with its repetitive narrative and rhymes, but for older kids — 5- to 8-year-olds — it’s a stretch.

The illustrations of this character are spot-on, although not cutting-edge by any means. We all have books we loved as a kid with a bunny in it, right? Right. While a bunny as the main character is nothing new, the bright colors and one-line sentences on each page simplify the book — as it should — making it fun and enjoyable for kiddos.

I can visualize a parent reading together with his or her child over and over — like toddlers love to do — until he begins to recite the lines on his own, which is a sure sign of a loved children’s book.

One odd note, and barely worth mentioning, is the publisher’s description. It almost seems it’s written for a different book with its mention of being a “big brother” and being “too little to go on big rides.” I, of course, understand the intended message, but it sets an expectation these topics are in the book. Instead, the reader is required to interpret and understand the generalities in the book are meant to align with the specifics in the description. It feels off. But again, I’ve already given it more attention than necessary.

While I have pointed out some oddities about the book, I did enjoy it; kids and parents, alike, will enjoy it too.

4 out of 5 on a 5-star scale
3 out of 4 on a 4-star scale.


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